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"I have pleasure recommending this practice, Homecare Physio.
I have worked with John Butler and his team over the last year.
John’s current set up for our clients here on site in Medtronic is very beneficial for us.
Within a large multinational manufacturing environment John Butler and his dedicated team of professional Physiotherapists offer a very comprehensive assessment and their treatment has always been extremely professional, enthusiastic and quality of care received is excellent, all the staff are a pleasure to work with.
The results and feedback from the staff on site has been very positive and I am happy to highly recommend the services provided and look forward to continuing our service with Homecare Physio".

Eileen Holland

Occupational Health Nurse Specialist
Medtronic Galway


"I have known John Butler for seven years. I have always been impressed by his pleasant and professional service, but more particularly by his results, which speak for themselves. I would be happy to recommend John and Homecare Physio."

Dr. Gordon Pate, 
Consultant Cardiologist,

"I have been working with John Butler since 2007. At all times I have found him professional and courteous. He provides high quality treatment of sports and other injuries. I have no hesitation in recommending John's practice to my patients". 

Stephen Kearns,
Consultant Orthopaedic


"I am very pleased to recommend the practice of Homecare Physio. They have provided Physiotherapy services to riders during the Galway Racing Festival on behalf of the Turf Club. The results and feedback from the riders has been extremely positive and I look forward to using their services again."

Dr. Adrian McGoldrick

Senior Medical Officer

The Turf Club Ireland


Coral Haven has been working with John Butler Chartered Physiotherapy Clinic since the beginning of March 2012.

Kevin O Connell is the Senior Physiotherapist who visits Coral Haven every Monday and Thursday, working continuously to make an impact in the lives of the elderly population and optimise their functional abilities. The Physiotherapist uses a wide range of treatment techniques to relieve pain, restore movement and function, and prevent further problems for the residents. He also provides treatments such as exercise prescription which are tailored programs to help retrain posture strengthen muscles and improve overall fitness.

Each Monday morning, Kevin runs an exercise class with the residents, which involves a warm up routine and then gentle exercises carried out from the comfort of their armchair with the sound of music in the background. I never expected the residents to enjoy the exercise classes so much, but without fail, they attend every week. There has been a noticeable improvement in the general mobility, balance and awareness of these residents. This has also been remarked upon by some relatives.

Kevin and his colleagues attend to the residents on an individual basis for a range of reasons, providing physiotherapy for residents post CVA,  post chest infection, post-surgery for fractured hips/wrists/ etc. As well as attending to the residents as often as required, they provide a detailed plan for the nursing/care staff to follow which allows them to continue with the exercise plan and thus further the progress for the resident.

Their infinite patience have allowed the residents to make the most significant progress that I, as person in charge have seen, and I feel that this is in no small part through the physiotherapist’s work. They offer constant reassurance and remind the residents of the progress they are making on each visit.

The Physiotherapist also provides on-going mentoring and professional development to the nursing and care staff.  

I am happy to highly recommend the services provided by the team at Homecare Physio.

Siobhan Finnerty,
 Director of Care
Coral Haven Residental Nursing Home  


“Having worked with John on several occasions I feel he has all the attributes necessary to successfully undertake this venture.  He shows professionalism in his approach and has a vast skill set from which he can avail. His patient centred approach has impressed me and his communication skills are both explanatory and encouraging for his patients.  

 Johns team of excellent Physiotherapists are hard working, professional and motivated individuals who can make a great impact with the services they will provide with Homecare Physio”.

Dr. Jennifer Pugh,
Nass, Co. Kildare



“I have known John in a fellow health professional capacity since March 2012.  During this time I have always found him to be extremely professional and my own experience of his practice is that his treatment and referral protocols are of the highest standard.  He has a very caring attitude towards his clients and it is clear from talking to them that they also hold him in the highest regard.”


Stephen Allerton, Senior Orthotist

 Allmed Healthcare Ltd 




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