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Post Surgery & Rheumatology


Post Surgery Rehabilitation
We work hard with consultants to provide the best outcome from surgery. Our Physiotherapists will assess you soon after surgery and use a number of methods within their extensive knowledge to regain the full movement in your joints, full length of any muscles involved, reduce swelling and restore tissue mobility following surgery. They have the knowledge to help you to walk again properly or move properly after surgery. The ultimate goal being to return you to the hobbies and sports that you love.


Rheumatology Physiotherapy
A Rheumatic disease is classified by inflammation of the joints, muscles and other connective tissues. The disease can affect just one area or multiple areas throughout the body. There are numerous different types of rheumatic disease and often result in a reduction in body function and mobility.

We can provide experienced Physiotherapists to see you at home and work with you to help you manage your condition. The first time the Physiotherapist visits they will carry out a thorough assessment which includes looking at your mobility and walking aids, muscle strength and joint movement, posture and function. Following the assessment the Physiotherapist will discuss any treatments they can provide and set goals with you to improve your general function and mobility and achieve the maximum potential in your home, work and social life. These treatments can include advice on ice, exercise programmes, massage, taping, dry needling and mobility practice.


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